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Architecture of Dilli Haat Janakpuri

DHJP is very spacious in comparison to other 2 Dilli Haats located at Pitampura and INA. Dilli Haat, Janakpuri is located in an area of 8 acres. This venue of Dilli Haat showcases country’s cultural and craft tradition and it is also a shopper’s paradise found in open air which is amongst the stop destination for music, food lovers, craft and art. Delhi Tourism has developed this location of Dilli Haat at the cost of 120 crore Rs.

There is a provision of 100 numbers in Dilli Haat of typical stalls of crafts including 74 number sof shops in open platform, 46 number of AC shops etc. Exotic and ethnic materials and products are showcased by these stalls which are exclusive to India. Endless opportunities of shopping are present there for the tourists and visitors at Dilli Haat as it brings the old rural tradition of India’s Open market tradition to the modern and contemporary Delhi.


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