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Food At Dilli Haat

The DilliHaat is the only place that offers variety in food. The food at dilli haat comprises of cuisine from all over the states of India. The dishes served ranges from Kashmiri Wazwan to Idiyappam from Kerala to PavBahji from Maharashtra. At DilliHaat you can increase your taste bud with different variety of dishes that too at decent price. There are 17 different state stalls at the haat and they are being seen by tourism authorities of their respective state. The dishes placed at the stall are good one with respect to hygiene, quality and taste that can be ordered by the visitors without any hesitation. The meals served are easy on the pocket and so one must atleast carry INR 300 to 700 until and unless you don’t plan to shop.

Odisha Cuisine

The sea food lovers can enjoy the cuisineplaced at the Odisha stall as they offer variety in the sea-food. Thebest sea food dish of the stall isitems made from crab and prawns. Sea foodie can go for the dish like prawn masala- the dish is dry and spicy costing Rs. 200/-,crab sizzlers is the best dish for crab lovers and it is served with rice at the cost of Rs. 350/-. For veggies they can order Katahchaatthat is made of Katak spices, curd and several chutneys.

The recommendation for this stalls are like Chena poda-a cake that is sweet and baked withcottage cheese. You can buy this dish for Rs.30/- for 100gms.

The Odisha Cuisine Stall Nois: 13

Tel: 011-24109086

Uttrakhand Cuisine

The food at dillihaatuttrakhand Cuisine consists of Kafli- a dish that is prepared with rai, chaunsa and palak, Pahariurad dal that is cooked with finely chopped onions. The platter also includes rice, raita, Manduraroti. The cost of this dish is Rs.150 and the Thali is also served with a dessert named Jhangarikheer.For non-veggie one can try meat Bhat-a spicy dish with thick mutton gravy served along with rice.

The recommendation for this stall isRhododendron, which is an organic flower juice at the cost of Rs.30. You also get the bottle of several flavor like Mint and Lichi at Rs.90/-.

The Uttrakhand CuisineStall No is: 1

Tel: 9899196015

Stall No 16: Hyderadabi Cuisine

The Hyderabad stall offers special Handi Biryani for non-veg lovers. The price of the dish is Rs.300/- and you can get three different variety of hyderabadibiryani prepared with mutton, chicken, and vegetables for veggies. The platter can serve three persons.  The other famous dish that should be tried out at the stall is ChickenChangazi and it is prepared with chicken that is cooked with lot of spices and thick gravy is prepared for the dish.You can enjoy the sweet dish named Double Kameetha. This dish is a desert and is made with bread base, dry fruits and milk.

The recommendation for this stall is Baghar-e-baigan- it is avegetable dish made from brinjals as the brinjal is soaked in spices and then it is deep fried in oil.

Mahakcuisine At Stall No-8

If you visit DilliHaat don’t miss to taste the authentic LittiChoka, a dish of Bihar. The dish is prepared with gram flour, ginger, whole wheat garlic, onion and mustard. One single plate costs Rs. 60/-. The stall also offers deluxe thaliand this dish includes rice, mix veg, roti, salad, dal, pickle and sweet dish as Kheer. The stall also offers other side dishes like papri chat, golgappe and Alootikki.

The recommendation for this stall isMadua roti saagand it is available for 70/-.

Stall No-3 Offers Wazwan Cuisine

The wazwan dishes consist of more than dozen non-veg dishes, but you will find less number of dishes in DilliHaat. Here you can order for a mini wazwanthalithat consist of Kashmiri dishes likerista it is a meat balls made in red chilli gravy, gushtabamade with mutton cooked in curd,mutton kababs and rogan josh that is red lamb at the price of Rs.300/-. The vegetarians can enjoy the dishes like Haksaag at the cost of Rs.60/- and even they can tasteJammu Rajma.At the winter season they serve dishes like kahwa, it is a kashmiriherbal drink made with dry fruits and saffron.

The recommendation for this stall is Gushtaba — a mutton balls that is cooked in curd, and it is available for Rs. 105

Maharashtra Stalls At Stall No 20

For quick snacks you must taste the dish at this stall as they offer dishes like PavBhaji at the price of Rs.60/-, Masala Bhel which is made with 4 different masala and chutneys. You can also try Bhelpuriat the cost of Rs. 40/-. Some other dish like Gurki roti and sabudanaKhichri can also be tasted at this stall.

The recommendation for this stall isVadapav as it isprepared with mixture of masala with potatoes and dipped in dough batter and then deep fried. It is spicy but you must try it and it costs Rs. 45

Nagaland Stalls no 19

The specialty of their dishes is the various chutneys that they use in their dishes. You must try Akhuni Chutney that is mad of garlic and soy beans. Another Chutney that is famous is the Raja Mirchichutney and you can try these chutneys with pork or fish.

The recommendation for this stall is Prawn sizzlers that are prepared in green vegetables and white sauce at the price of Rs. 350

Tel: 011-24679835

Stall No 12 is Manipur Stall

You can try variety of food at this stall. You can start with Erombadish is a mixture of chilly and spicy bamboo sticks and the fish with chutney. Try out Mutter dal, Ooti,coked in bicarbonate soda and this dish can be effectively paired with prawn pakora and veg. even you can taste the main course with the Tarai Thong as it is acurry made from snailand it is famous dish among Manipuri people.

 For main course, you can go for Tarai Thong, which stall-owner tells us, is snail curry and is very famous with the people from Manipur, who come here to have their favorite food.

The recommendation for this stall isNgou Thon that is a fish dishthat is cooked along with spices that are hot.

Stall No: 17 isWest Bengal Stall

If you want to start with the starters, then order masala coke with prawn cutlet.In main coursethere is a thali with special dishesat the cost of 310/-. The thalicontains dal, fish is steamed keeping inside the banana leaf, bhaji, two chutneys made from mango or dates and mutton curry. The deserts can be selected from sandesh or rasagullas.

The recommendation for this stall isFish thali includes fish curry, rice, dal, fish chop, veg, papad, chutneys and salad.

Stall No: 7 Offers Darbar-e-Awadh

This stall specializes in Kebabs and you can get various types of it like Shami, Galauti, Boti and Tangri. The plate will be of Rs.100/-.You must not miss the Dum Biryani that is available in Mutton at the cost of Rs.180, and Chicken at the cost of Rs.170, as well as in Veg at the cost of Rs.135. This dish is made with Lucknow masala and the plate serves 2 people. The deserts or sweet dishes that are offered at the stall arekheer or phirni made with milk, dry fruits and rice.

The recommendation for this stall isDarbar-e-Awadh, which is a special korma made of chicken and it is served with parantha of Awadhi and a full platecosts Rs. 450.

Call us at : 011-24102022

Stall No: 9 is Rajasthan stall

This stall provides endless dishes like Onion Kachori available at Rs.50. Then you can try the Rajasthanithalithat includes 5 types of veg dish, bajari roti, kadhi, dal, curry, rice, besangatta and garlic chutney. The sweet dish included in thali is matkapistakulfi and it is served in earthen pots/ cups.

The recommendation for this stall isKhoyaKachori, it is very similar in look to Onion Kachori, but is different in taste as it is dipped in sugar syrup and finally filled with dry fruits.

Tel: 011- 24109427

Stall No: 5 is a Meghalaya stall

The best dish one can have is DohSyiarKhleh which is a chicken salad priced at 125/-. The dish is prepared with boneless chicken pieces, green chilies, egg, salt, ginger, and pepper and finally garnished with vegetables. If you love eating pork then the dish named WakBijak madewith boiled pork in bamboo shoot, and anotherdishDohshianeySaliehis made with fried pork and served with mint sauce and red chili. The cost of both the dish is Rs. 125.

The recommendation for this stall isDohNeiiong, porkthat is cooked in black sesame sauce ad it is priced at Rs. 125.

Tel: 9971642031

Momomia is Stall No: 6

Thisis a stall form Arunachal Pradesh and it specializes in momos. The plate of momos is swerved with spicy and hot momos sauce and soup. The Tibetan dish called Thukpa also contains soup with vegetables and noodles acost of Rs.65. You can also go for chicken thupka at Rs.90.

The recommendation for this stall isLime beer as it is a version of the fruit beer and it available only at this stall at the cost of Rs. 30.

Tel: 9999912593

Tamil Nadu is at Stall No: 15

The stalls serveidli, vada and dosa, but there is no rasam served at the stall.There are other south Indian dishes likeAloobondaand it becomes favorite when served hot. You can enjoy samosa ofcoconut flavored. You can even try out the Thali that serves dosa, samabr, bhaji and poori.

The recommendation for this stall isPayasamkheer and it is a traditional sweet dish in south Indian that is made of milk and rice. The cost of this dish isRs. 30.

Assam Stall Is At Stall No: 23

This stall offers fish thalithat is loaded with fish curry, rice and dal. The unexpected dish in the menu is

LuciBhaji that contain potato curry and poori prepared in Assamese style.The stall also contains other dishes Chinese chowmein, Manchurian, fried rice, and vegetables and chilly chicken.

The recommendation for this stall isNarikolpitha, a ladoo which is a sweet dish made from coconut at the cost of Rs. 5 per piece.

Ananda: Stall No: 14

This is a stall from Keralaand it serves authentic dishes prepared in south India. There are many dishes offered here but one can go for Aapam that is a steamed dosa roti available at the cost of Rs.10. Another favorite dish is idiyappam that is made from rice flour and it looks like noodles that are turned in to idli. It is generally served as breakfast or dinner dish along with a curry that contains egg, fish or meat curry and potato with chutney of coconuts.

The recommendation for this stall isfish curry along with rice at the cost of Rs. 120

Lakshadweep: Stall No: 2

At this stall you can tryfish tikka as starters prepared with grilled fish, and served with mint chutney. The main course with the fish thali can be ordered at the stall as it consists of fish curry, rice, fish tikka, salad and papad. The cost of the thali is Rs. 200. The treat can be clubbed with the NariyalPaniat the cost of Rs.30.

The recommendation for this stall isFish pakoda — and this dish is made by finely chopped fish into pieces that is dipped in a paste of thick basen and later deep-fried. The cost of the dish is Rs. 150

Tel: 9830518250


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