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The History of dillihaat tells us that it was established and opened in 1994 with the joint venture of Delhi Tourism (DTDC), D.C (Handicrafts), NMDC, D.C. (Handlooms) and Ministry of Tourism and Textile, Government of India.In 2003 this market became accessible to all the tourists and it also had bathroom that was made accessible at the same time.Delhi has two such markets one is Dillihaat and another one is Pitampura. Both the markets are developed by DTTDC. The Pitampurdillihaatspread across 7.2 hectare of area and it is close to Pitampura T.V Tower and it was opened in April 2008. The government is planning to open more similar DilliHaat all over Delhi. This is a single venue that provides all kind of product and services like crafts, music, cultural festival and dance etc. Dillihaatwas venue for India’s first Comic Convention, Comic Con Indiaorganized in Feb 2011.Dillihaat situated in south Delhi acts as a weekly bazaaron broader perspective. It is a permanent location for handicrafts, cultural activities and food.Dillihaat located in Delhi is spread across approximately6 acres area and it boosts village culture and encourages the rural part of India to showcase their talent, product and culture. The look of the bazaar consists of plaza that is paved with stone, sprinkled grass, brickwork, eucalyptus trees, flowering shrubs etc.

DilliHaatShopping provides a full exotic variety in shopping products that includes handlooms, handicrafts, woodcarvings, camel hide footwear, drapery, fabric made clothing, gems, beads ornaments etc. The handicrafts stall in the bazaar is placed on rotational basis where the shops will have different productevery after 15 days, so that the tourist and visitors can enjoy shopping different products emphasizingdifferent part of India and even the craftsmen get a chance to place their products in the DilliHaat.

DilliHaat has an exhibition hall that organizes and telecastshandicraft and handloom based shows to promote the products.The food plaza has several food cuisines to offer to their guests. The cuisine includes dishes from North to South India, Rajasthan to Andhra Pradesh. You will find all types of Indian traditional cuisines offered at the DilliHaat.Many people from Delhi just go to the place so that they can enjoy these multiple cuisine. The dillihaat also organizes many food festivals for their guests.


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