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In Delhi visitors can enjoy shopping as Delhi is said to provide paradise for them. To add to this shopping interest the stalls at dillihaat also severs a single destination for the shopping lovers as one can find several products and materials. The stalls offer many varieties of products that represent India. Delhi has several shops that can be grouped into different subject like handicrafts, antiques, European fashions, rugs and carpets, leather articles, silks, furniture, jewelry and linen and fabrics.

The stalls at dillihaat have provided a new way for the craftsman and artisans to place their things and earn from it. It not only encourages the Indian culture but also has opened the way for the craftsmen and artisans tocome out of their town and villages. This project became successful as the artisans and craftsmen are able to place their product and sell them directly to the customer that is there are no middlemen to share the profits and the amount of the sold things.TheDilliHaatoffers the tourists and visitors the crafts and handloom things at single destination but also offers different variety of cuisines, and performing arts done by different artists from different part of India.The concept of “Haat” brings combination of urban contemporarylook along with the touch of rural cultural ambience that gives the rural craftsmen the feel to be at home.

There are several varieties of things that can be purchased at the stalls at dillihaat and these things include Carved Stone Pieces, Leather items, Silk Products, Precious Stones, Jewelry from Delhi, and Wood Work. The best part of the stalls is that one will get all the things at single roof which can be sold and purchased. You can find many shopping malls in Delhi that offers attractive things at discounted or reasonable prices. These shopping mall also act as a recreational places where you can relax I evening and enjoy eating at the shopping malls.

The Craft Bazaar and DilliHaat is a joint project of the Delhi tourism and Transport Development Corporation also shortly named as DTTDC. The project gets technical and financial supports from the Ministry of Textiles, Government of Delhi.

The idea was initially put-forth by the DTTDC to set up the Bazaar that would include crafts items, so that therural as well as urban artisans can use such infrastructure to boost their products and things made from handicrafts. The bazaar will also provide an opportunity to the artists to perform and display several arts and showcase Indian culture to the visiting tourists. The complex is built on land of 6 acres and is located in one of the commercial areas of South Delhi on the Sri Aurbindo marg.The idea of DilliHaatwas basically taken from the village fair with slight difference to it.The difference is that the venue in village fair keeps shifting while the stalls in Dillihaat are mobile with changes in the stall, as it offers panoramic view to the diversity and richnessof Indian culture, crafts and artifacts.

The stalls at Dillihaat consist of 62 stalls that sell different handicraft things from different regions.The stalls placed at DilliHaat are allotted to the craftsmen on rotational basis so that each and every craftsmangets the opportunity to place their things for sell. The visitors can even buy authentic things at the price that is not burden with the cost of maintenance. The exhibition hall in the premise holds different shows to promote handloom and handicrafts, matching the Governmentpolicy of preserving and promoting the traditional Indian heritage.

The Dillihaatpresents a variety in crafts, cultural activities and several cuisines. The items that are placed for sale in the stall of Dillihaat ranges from Kantha sari to sandalwood and intricate Rose wood carvings. The other items like footwear made of camel hide and handloom drapery andfabrics are also placed in the stall.  The stalls also includes the touch ofwealthiestis added with the bead and gems ornament. The potters and artisans perform live demonstration that adds a glory to the bazaar.

The food plaza also serves a venue for different food festival that is organized by the government and Dillihaat organizing members. The dillihaat also comprises of 25 food stalls that offers different interesting cuisine to the visitors.

The Dillihaatin the area of Kidwainagaris a pleasant day to spend. The haat provides delicacies that can be enjoyed by the visitors. The festivals and theme fairs are organized in Dillihaat from time to time by the organizers and Government. If you want to shop by big names and big brands, than you can find it at the Lajpat Nagar Central market and South Extension market.


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